Hello Paganism, Goodbye Christianity


Why did I walk away from Christianity? As I write this, I’m diving deep into the life experiences that has led me down the path that transformed me into who I am today, A grey witch. As you read through this series, be prepared to have your views and beliefs challenged. Especially for those who view witchcraft from the eyes of baby witches and Hollywood. Cause this is not some movie, open your mind a little bit. Paganism is a broad spectrum of beliefs and cultures. You don’t have to agree with me. That’s okay! Something most people don’t put thought into this, but terms are just that. Terms. Terminology. You could call it “Gods” and I could call it “The Universe”. It’s all about perspectives!

This is the very well-hidden side of me. Let’s come out of the broom closet!

Chapter 1: Coming Out of The Broom Closet!

There are only a select few people in my life who don’t know I’m not Christian anymore and that I don’t ever intend on looking back. It’s always a double ended sword, isn’t it? Having a secret that would surely change the way your loved ones look at you. Yet, by hiding that secret, you have to hide certain aspects about who you are. It prevents self growth, confidence, and individuality. Those are so important to achieve self love. And Christians aren’t known to be very accepting of what the bible speaks against. Which is one of the reasons I walked away. That is not who I am. I do not stand for such hateful shit. Its hard to even know where to start with this. Finding the right words is definitely a challenge.

Perspective Change: Do not use the terms that have to do with “struggle”. Instead, use terms that have to do with a challenge. It’ll raise your karmic vibrations!

Christians tend to be very judgmental towards the LGBTQ community. I am actually a member of the community, although I prefer men. I do find women beautiful. I remember when the fast-food restaurant Chik-Fil-A’s stand against the community. My pastor made a statement during service about how he was proud of his church community for standing against the gay community. Blah De’ Dah! At that point, I was done with religion. I was done with Christianity. I had looked passed so much that I didn’t agree with and that didn’t sit well with me. But this? I couldn’t do it. My adoptive parents, who happened to be my youth pastors, didn’t understand why I didn’t want to go. I finally told them. I pointed out what sort of message they are sending to the gay community by holding the stance that they do. How do you expect them to convert and turn to God if you are calling them sinners, treating them as if they are below you, as well as an abomination? They definitely won’t ever turn to the church because they don’t feel welcome. Why would they? People change though. Mind sets shift as we continuously experience life. I had spoken with my adoptive dad about this topic in the last couple months about the gay community. He said he was a lot more open minded now and saw some studies on it. The studies basically said that the brain of a gay person is actually wired differently than the brain of a straight person. Anyways, he said that its between the person and God, not him or the church. I can respect that.

So, if they didn’t know already, they definitely know now! It has taken me YEARS to find my place among the Pagan and Wiccan community. There are so many things you can relate to. Which is why there are so many baby witches using it as merely just a trend. No, to me, this is who I am. This is my lifestyle! Now, don’t get me wrong, everyone has to start somewhere but the baby witches tend to romanticize what it is to be a witch. They don’t have respect for the art of magic. Maybe its because they still don’t understand the major concepts. Like I said before, you don’t have to agree with any of my views or opinions. This book is a simple outline of different views from different types of pagans and backgrounds. Also included are three interviews by fellow pagans. I hope this gives you insight on what it is to be a witch.

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Anna Lucille Mello

Anna Lucille Mello


As an Author, I am at peace knowing I have left a part of myself behind in the world before I become one with nature again.